Brad J. Aldridge — Designer and Creative Director in San Francisco

The Contemporary Jewish Museum Brand Refresh

Role: Art Director and designer

When The Contemporary Jewish Museum opened it's new building in 2008 it was also given a new identity from Pentagram's Abbott Miller. Physically representing the former PG&E sub-station that now houses the museum, the logo is rigid and regal. After five years of use, though, the museum's brand needed a slight refresh.

Leading the CJM's in-house creative team, the brand was strengthened by creating a more rigid and structured set of brand guidelines; including introducing a grid system that changes based on the logo presentation, a revised color palette, and introducing more icons and symbols into the visual vocabulary.

Over the past year the refreshed identity has been introduced to projects as the museum replaced them: signage, tickets, wayfinding, street pole banners. The identity was crafted first with a mobile platform in mind: how will the colors and furniture systems eventually look on a mobile device?—knowing that a rehabbed museum website was at least a year away. Thus, as the brand began to stabilize—as the old continues to be replaced—we are articulating an energetic and bright experience that foreshadows impending digital products.




 Bringing structure and uniformity to a strong, Pentagram-designed logotype.

Bringing structure and uniformity to a strong, Pentagram-designed logotype.