24 Things about Brad in List Format

  1. Can quote lines verbatim from Back to the Future trilogy and The Big Lebowski.
  2. Been to every Disney theme park in the world.
  3. Damn.Except China. But working on it.
  4. Designing web and print experiences since 2000. (Oh, how many lame Wordpresses I once made.)
  5. Magician.
  6. Mixologist.
  7. Magician Mixologist.
  8. Can juggle.
  9. 6 plus 7 plus 8.
  10. Can make things out of wood and metal and plastic!
  11. Had dinner with Neil Patrick Harris.
  12. Had dinner with Neil Patrick Harris at Disneyland.
  13. (Yeah, he was kind of a third wheel)
  14. Has a book autographed “To Brad” signed by Walt Disney.
  15. Has Had 2 life-size cardboard cutouts of…himself.
  16. Likes to refer to the Internet in the plural sometimes. Internets.
  17. When he writes his name fast it looks like ‘Bird Alderon.’
  18. His DJ name is ‘Bird Alderon.’
  19. His grandfather is Buzz Aldrin.
  20. His socks don’t match.
  21. He lied about number nineteen.
  22. Ukulele songwriter.
  23. He feels really guilty about the fib in number nineteen.
  24. This is the last list Brad ever made.


Brad J. Aldridge is a designer, art director, speaker, and magician based in Berkeley, CA.  He learned about design, theater, and art at the University of California, Berkeley. (Oh, there's another guy named "Brad Aldridge," he's a painter in Utah. So, our designer Brad added the "J" to help avoid confusion.)

Starting his design career in journalism design, Brad took to telling stories across platforms from digital screens to large-scale architectural environments. Brad led design at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco and at Butchershop. He worked as a Visual Design lead at Google, a Sr. Staff Designer at Shopify. Today, he works at Instagram.
Photo by Vince Donovan

As a designer, he strives to straddle the line of being succinct, subtle, and clear with being loud, obnoxious, and difficult to ignore.  His inspiration as a designer comes from studying how people see and use their eyes to interact with the world, as well as the art of magic and conjuring—Brad is a practicing magician, he goes by the name Bradmagic. (See How to Design Like a Magician, or a short art film Brad made intersecting these topics.)