Brad J. Aldridge is a senior creative director & visual designer working on future-thinking products and experiences at Google. He regularly speaks about design and is also a magician. He lives in Berkeley, Calif. with his wife and three... cats.

Recent Work (as of April 2020)

At Google, I’ve led Visual Design—you might refer to this as Creative or Art Direction elsewhere—on a number of critical products and experiences, including: Redesigning Google Account, overhauling what a Privacy Policy could look like, rethinking user sign-in and sign-up. 

I also regularly produce events for Google, like our participation in San Francisco’s annual Design Week, or internal-events for Visual Designers and illustrators.
Google Account Art Dept: David Divinagracia, Charlotte Mao, German Kopytkov, Rick Murphy, Ricardo Osório Santos,  Hunter Gatherer NY, Character SF